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Travis Wise, VP of Sales, DealersLinkTravis Wise, VP of Sales
There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across multiple sectors. And the automotive industry is no exception. Following the news of the outbreak early last year, an international consulting firm, AlixPartners, estimated a drop of 36 million new vehicle sales globally. Unfortunately, the prediction has been true. As per the market statistics, auto sales in the U.S. alone dropped by 47 percent last year—plummeting demand for cars and causing many panicked car dealers to dump their inventories—in an all-out frenzy.

However, those deep in the trenches of the automotive industry believe the current situation is not going to remain all doom and gloom for car dealers. While the pandemic triggered a sudden dip in new car sales, it also created more demand for used cars. If we are to believe the industry trends, one factor driving this used-car demand is consumers who are concerned with the hygiene of public transports but don’t want to invest in costly new cars amid the pandemic. What does this mean for auto dealers? It means that they still stand a chance of reinvigorating their dealership businesses if they start selling the in-demand used cars at the right time, and for the right price.

So where is the hiccup, one may ask? Well, it’s important to keep in mind that this consumer interest in used cars is coming after most auto dealers have dramatically reduced inventories of both old and new cars.
As a result, many of them are now underequipped to handle the rebound and growing market demand for used cars.

“Nevertheless, direct vehicle trading between different dealerships can be a great way for auto dealers to gain inventory in the present landscape. This way, auto dealers can ensure customers never leave their shops empty-handed,” said Travis Wise, a thought leader in the automotive industry and the VP of sales at DealersLink.

And this is exactly what DealersLink is helping car dealerships achieve. DealersLink—a leading name in the automotive industry—offers innovative inventory solutions to facilitate auto dealers in trading used cars with unprecedented ease.

A Simplified Approach to Dealer-to-Dealer Sourcing

Wise points out that it is imperative for auto dealers to properly appraise vehicles after carefully reviewing auto market data points and expected selling prices. Only then can auto dealers make sure that they’re either buying or selling a car at the best possible price, thereby maximizing their profit. “This is precisely where our company comes in. With our fully immersive car sales management software, auto dealers can evaluate, and trade used cars against different market data like never before,” Wise adds.

In order to simplify the car appraisal process, DealersLink has developed an end-to-end inventory appraisal platform called FastBook. DealersLink scans over 50,000 online dealership sites, to collate the most accurate true market data and easily appraise any vehicle. This real-time retail data can help auto dealers in assessing whether they’re pricing a trade-in correctly and forecasting the right profit margin. Furthermore, for auto dealers continuously trading used vehicles, the DealersLink Marketplace and the Trading Desk feature, help facilitate this. Auto dealers can use these features to sell their cars directly to another interested dealership without incurring hefty auction fees and transportation costs associated with traditional auction transactions.

With such powerful and intuitive solutions, DealersLink is in a continuous innovation cycle always strengthening its offering by adding a plethora of industry-first features. Wise believes the current demand for used cars can be expected to continue for another 3-4 years. At that point, consumers will feel safe about investing in new cars and the market equilibrium will return through the availability of new cars, rental cars, and lease returns. Until then, it is crucial for local car dealers to keep their inventory stocked and to capitalize on the growing demand for used cars in the current landscape. “With our impeccable dealer-centric reputation in the industry, we are laser-focused on helping auto dealers thrive and create a positive impact on the U.S. automotive market,” concludes Wise.
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Travis Wise, VP of Sales

With our fully immersive car sales management software, used-car dealers can stock inventory, trade cars, and even compare between different market data like never before. In order to simplify the car appraisal process, DealersLink has developed an end-to-end inventory appraisal platform called Fastbook. Using this platform, DealersLink clients can scan over 50,000 online dealership sites in a matter of minutes to collate the most accurate true-market retail data and evaluate any vehicle easily. This real-time data can help the auto dealers in assessing whether they’re pricing a trade-in correctly and what could be expected profit margin


"With our fully immersive inventory solution, auto dealers can evaluate and trade used cars against true market data, like never before"

- Travis Wise, VP of Sales

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Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure and software solutions, announced its EV partnership with Pritchard Ford.

Under the partnership, Pritchard Ford will serve as a supplier of Ford Chassis and provide servicing for Endera vehicles. Pritchard Ford has also signed a contract committing to purchase 250 electric vehicles. Pritchard Ford will expand Endera’s national service network, ship through, and dealership presence with 2,600 service points across the country.

Pritchard Ford was founded in 1913 and is a national leader in the commercial truck industry

“Pritchard Auto Company is an award-winning and leading Ford dealership nationwide.” said John Walsh, Endera’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the access to new customers and added value for existing ones, Endera’s reach will expand in both size and quality through its partnership with Pritchard. The Pritchard Company corporate heritage brings a depth of experience and experience founded on its fully integrated automotive platform to the Endera team.”

Pritchard Commercial can be found nationally in 50 states with over 30,000 vehicles supplied annually. As an automotive enterprise that has been family-owned and operated since 1913, Pritchard Companies have over a century of experience in the industry. One of The Pritchard Company’s core values includes relationships, which is apparent in its successful work as a trusted Ford dealership.

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Customers utilizing the Pritchard network to make additions to vehicles receive free shipping nationwide. Additionally, Pritchard’s nationwide purchasing and distribution network will increase Endera’s revenue and presence. By partnering with Pritchard, Endera benefits from over 100 years of industry expertise while gaining increased service, supplies, and access to new connections in the automotive space.

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About Pritchard Companies
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