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Travis Wise, Vice President of Sales, DealersLinkTravis Wise, Vice President of Sales
According to a report from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), dealership gross margins have steadily declined across the United States, since the great recession of 2008.With no signs of this trajectory going upward anytime soon, it is essential that automobile dealers identify and manage key performing stocks to make profitable business decisions. Traditionally, dealers have spent hours compiling and analyzing vehicle data sets, traveling from auction to auction scrutinizing vehicles, paying exorbitant buy and sell fees and reconditioning costs, just to place the right inventory. But, this process has not proven to be effective, considering the fact that the data is not in real-time, and the results are not even close to being optimum. Today, dealers need an access to easy-to-read reports on live-market vehicle data, that enables them to quickly identify units with the highest profit potential and a holistic inventory management solution that can provide them the tools to price, appraise and market their vehicles more accurately. Enter DealersLink, a live market data-driven dealership inventory management company.

Founded in 1998, DealersLink began as the nation’s first dealer-to-dealer marketplace and is now the fastest-growing new and used-vehicle inventory management solution.The company's superior suite of advanced live market data-empowered tools help dealers gain a clear perspective of their regional markets and competitive inventory.
With real-time market data, clients can stay aware of the fastest-selling, highest-grossing vehicles in their markets as well as the slower-selling, lower grossing units, which essentially helps them make better appraising decisions, enhance sales, and increase profits.

“Our tools enable dealers to see the entire market with transparency, regardless of their business locations. Clients can stock their lots with clean reconditioned units, locate hard to find vehicles for their customers, sell inventory without incurring wholesale losses, arrange books for book trades, and manage their inventory with industry-leading analytic tools," says Travis Wise, Vice President of Sales. DealersLink provides enhanced one-click Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicle build sheet data, that pulls up all factory equipment and options, saving car dealers a significant amount of time and allowing for more accurate appraisals. The OEM data also serves as a powerful tool for re-marketing cars as well.

To add an aesthetic value to its array of solutions, DealersLink offers a360 degree video and image capturing feature known as 360CloudCam. This feature captures professional-quality 360-degree vehicle video spins and hundreds of vehicle images simultaneously. By enabling clients to upload vehicle spins within minutes and allowing them to send or receive customer information or prospects via any mobile device, DealersLink greatly improves time-to-market and helps drive sales.
  • When it comes to wholesaling and re-marketing vehicles, we have the most comprehensive solution in the industry

In essence, DealersLink provides clients with opportunities to maximize the value of their inventory at every stage. Interestingly, the company offers such benefits without charging dealers with a fee per transaction. As an assertion to this, Wise says, “When it comes to wholesaling and re-marketing vehicles, we have the most comprehensive solution in the industry.”

To date, DealersLink has been eliminating wholesale transaction fees for 15 years, with over $1 billion in used inventory available to dealer members 24/7.DealersLink has also launched its MotorCloud retail platform where dealers can submit buy bids directly to consumer vehicles. “By expanding our platform, we want to continue to provide a better opportunity for dealers to grow their businesses,” concludes Wise.
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Travis Wise, Vice President of Sales

DealersLink is a live market-data-driven new and used auto-dealership inventory management solution coupled with a billion dollars worth of on-demand dealer-direct inventory. The company leverages the best competitive retail pricing analytics, VDP data metrics, and inventory syndication tools to increase dealership profits. DealersLink enables dealers to fetch live market-driven vehicle data, source retail ready inventory and provides transparency in the automobile market. One-click OEM data and vehicle appraisals, the fastest mobile VIN scanner, integrated new car incentives, seamless 360 degree photo and video spins are some of the offerings from the company

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