The challenge of transitioning online shoppers to on-lot while maintaining the same level of experience.

Rex Lamb, President,  goIDitRex Lamb, President, goIDit
Consumers have new buying expectations today and a dealerships success depends on their ability to adapt to meet them.

What is your process for connecting with consumers when they choose to visit your dealership? Has it changed since COVID or as you transition to a more digital retailing model?

goIDit allows dealerships to engage and connect with on-lot shoppers. Dealerships spend a lot of money on digital marketing to attract, educate, and to convert online shoppers. But most dealerships don’t have a solution in place to service those same shoppers when they show up on your lot to look at vehicles in your inventory.

When a shopper transitions from online to on-lot they want to continue on the journey they were on, not start a new one! When you bridge this gap with goIDit you take friction out of the buying process and increase your conversion rates.
Did you know that 38% of customers purchase a vehicle within 4 hours of visiting their first dealership, or that 57% purchase within 3 days of their first visit, and 90% of customers within 1 week. Dealerships can’t afford to get this wrong.

goIDit is a simple solution that gets big results. With goIDit, a 4” x 6” sticker, which is easy to find and has simple instructions on how to use it, is placed on each vehicle. When a consumer walks up to a vehicle, and sees the sticker, all they have to do is point the camera on their phone at the QR Code and they are taken to the vehicles detail page (VDP) on the dealership’s website. At the same time a notification is sent to the dealership’s staff so that they can follow up on this qualified lead.

goIDit provides a bridge between a customer’s online to on-lot experience, removes friction out of the sales process, and helps dealerships identify motivated shoppers at the critical moment of truth while they are standing right next to a vehicle they are interested in. Did you know that the initial contact with the dealership that they purchased from comes from walk-ins about 50% of the time and around 20% from phone calls and less than 20% from email. goIDit helps customers navigate through the last mile of their purchasing journey and helps the dealership justify their marketing spend.

One of our customers, Bob Ruth Ford, reported that 60% of the vehicles they sold last month had been scanned recently and that 40% of those scanned were sold in 2 days or less. Do you know who is visiting your dealership on the days you are closed or after hours? How about those shoppers that show up on your lot, look at a vehicle, and leave without you knowing it? Isn’t it important for you to know who they are and what vehicles they looked at? You don’t have to let these opportunities slip away. We can show you how you can provide a contactless shopping experience for your on-lot visitors and take steps toward a more digital retailing model. Our solution is cost effective and will pay for itself almost instantly.
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